Dr Rejula is medical doctor , practicing cosmetology since 1996.these products prepared for her own patients and proved very effective than other cosmetic available in market . Her articles published in various women magazines ,visual medias and radio.Most of the cosmetic products available in market contains chemical and preservatives which actually destroys the benefits of the ingredients intended for it.this is the main reason she started her own preparation under the name of Dr Rejulas haritha organic herbals.Our production area is located in a pure Kerala village with all traditional innocents of a village. Herbs collected from our farms in this fertile land. Our products are 100% Chemicals and pesticides free Our products passed all the chemical and legal testes prescribed by government health department.Participated in various national and international exhibitions and approved by the people in various range.All preparation under traditional methods with scientific insights.Now it is functioning as a women venture. Beauty conscious mothers are very serious about this sort of products related to children.our institution is running with the care of loving mothers who consider each product is prepared for their own little children.


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